Open Registration for  the 2022-2023  –  Divine Mercy Pre-school Program

Under the Direction of Mrs. Sharon Tobin, B.A. Exceptional Child Study. Pre-school will be held at the Fr. Walter Ciszek Education Center (Trinity Academy), 233 W. Cherry Street, Shenandoah, PA  17976 –  Phone  462-3927.

Children ages 3, 4 and 5 welcome for half and/or full day Pre-school classes Monday through Friday.  Our Pre-school Program follows a modified Montessori method to prepare your child for the world of learning and his/her admission to Kindergarten. Attendance five days per week allows your child to benefit by participating in more of the learning opportunities provided.  Please call Sr. Patricia Mount at 462-3927 for more information or to request a registration packet.  All registrations will begin the week of February 14th. Please mark this on your calendar.