Safe Environment

All employees and volunteers who minister and serve the children of our parish must fulfill all the Safe Environment requirements.  The diocese of Allentown and State of Pennsylvania require that anyone who has any possible contact with children complete the following background checks and clearances. Volunteers who fail to obtain background checks and attend training are not permitted to remain involved in service to our children until all are completed. All questions and forms should be directed to Maria Rittle, Safe Environment Coordinator at 570-462-1968 or or

Diocesan Safe Environment Coordinator:

Pamela J. Russo, MSW, MS – Secretary for Youth Protection

Diocese of Allentown, 1515 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive

PO Box F, Allentown, PA 18105-1538

Phone 610-871-5200 Ext 2204   Fax:  610-871-5211

All employees & volunteers who are reasonably expected to come into contact with young people are required to read and sign the following:

For more information on Safe Environmental Information, see links below:


Read link &  follow instruction: 

2022 PGC & MRT training –   do not use these instructions for PGC…  see below for updated instructions on PGC

2023 Updated PGC Instructions –  August 2023 PGC Virtual Training Directions

Virtus online training (2)

CYO VolunteerPacket

All employees & volunteers who are reasonably expected to come into contact with young people are required to read and sign the following:


Sign Acknowledgement Form:Updated 2024 — 2022 Sexual Abuse Policy Signature page


Sign Acknowledgement Form:Updated 2024 – 2022 SMEC Policy Signature page


Sign Acknowledgement Form:Updated 2024 – 2022 Code of Conduct Signature page

Also included is a page of policy QR codes, this sheet should be given out instead of printing the policies.

To use the QR code page; point your mobile device or tablet camera at one of QR boxes,

once in focus tap web address that comes up:, then select” follow to web address”.

QR Codes All Policies


Checklist/instructions/forms/acknowledgement forms for parish employees and volunteers:

2023 Parish Employee (3)   Please use  Newest Background Authorization Form & PGC Directions

Updated   1/2024Background check auth January 2024

  May 2023 PGC Instructions

2023 parish volunteer with contact (1)


Below are some reminders that may not have gotten all the attention they warrant:

  1. All employees and Volunteers who live out of state must do all the PA State requirements along with completing the attached TruView application. Please send the completed TruView application back to me.
  2. Please make sure anyone you send us information on, has a CMG Connect account. This must be done even if you decide not to hire, or they decide not to volunteer.
  3. Please use the full year (2023) when entering the date on CMG Connect or it will show as 0023.
  4. Social Media must be signed by all, no matter if they use social media or not.
  5. Please enter new policies as 2022 Sexual Abuse, 2022 Code of Conduct, 2022 SMEC ( social media electronic communications)
  6. Employee clearances must be no more than a year old, no exceptions.
  7. Please send us an email when you need a certification updated, CMG does not tell us when you have updated something.
  8. All volunteers need DHS fingerprints.

2023 TruView